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>> ama: san francisco police are looking for a man who is accused of setting a woman on fire. that happened just after noon in the bayview district. sergio quintana has been following the story and joins us live with what happened. reporter: witnesses who saw what happened describe a gruesome attack. they say a man lit a woman on fire a half block down the street. she then ran about another block that way, trying to get home for help. >> a smoldering sweater in the middle of the street is what 25-year-old star lamar was wearing when her family says her boyfriend, 22-year-old detects ter oliver, doused her with gasoline and then lit her on fire. he sister says she is in critical condition at st. francis hospital. >> they had dead skin, and auntie hasn't win to see her yet. they said she's doing fine. >> according to the family, the couple began yelling at each other at the laundromat down the street. at one point the argument go so heated he allegedly ran home to get some gasoline, then ran back towards the laundromat. >> i saw him pour gasoline some a bottle, and he left. i d
. that was spectacular. it really captured your uncle there. thank you. we're going to close with the san francisco gay men's chorus performing, singing for our lives. i had a couple of announcements. i hope you will all join us on the candle light march up to the castro. we have candles over here if people didn't bring them, so, you can pick them up at the start of our march. i also want to thank the san francisco police department who is going to help facilitate our march by closing blocks as we move up. so, they are going to be helping. and the chief is here, greg, you're out there someplace. (applause) >> thanks, there he is. thanks very much, fred. we love having a progressive police chief in town. so, i want to thank all of my speakers here, all of our speakers tonight with some very inspirational words. and i want to thank each and every one of you for coming. i hope you will join us in the march, and we are going to end with the san francisco gay men's chorus performing "singing for our lives." thank you. >> let me just say that the story of this song was written on the way holley near and joan
joins us from san francisco with the new lead in the kevin collins case. good morning, tara. >> reporter: the last person that kevin collins was seen talking to was a tall blond man with a black dog and a person matching that description was a person of interest in the case. used to live at this home here. he has since died. investigators revisiting the case realized that cadaver dogs were never used during the search of a home. san francisco police and fbi agents spent 12 hours out here. they did detect remains under the garage door. this is just blocks from where ten-year-old kevin collins was last seen waiting for a bus after school at masonic and oak back in 1984. >> we were able to pull up the concrete and discovered there were bones located underneath the concrete. medical examiners did respond on scene. they did a preliminary investigation of the bones and they believe it to be animal origin. not human origin. >> reporter: we want to emphasize the people that live in the duplex are not suspects. the man that was a person of interest was questioned after kevin vanished. he had an a
day. welcome, everybody, welcome to san francisco. to some of you, welcome to the presidio, welcome to this absolutely gorgeous futures without violence center. i want to start by thanking futures without violence and esther solar for giving us this beautiful space to meet in today. is esther here? i haven't seen her. we'll thank her later. they made this space available for us. good morning, my name is me linda hague for those of you who don't know me. i was appointed by president obama a little more than two years ago to be united states attorney and it is my incredible honor to represent the president, the obama administration here in the northern district of california. welcome to the stop bullying summit. i'm a federal prosecutor so it may seem odd that here we are talking about bullying and we asked all of you to be here and i want to explain the origin of that and why this happened. you people, everybody in this room, has been involved in this issue and is doing incredible work on this issue and we were so honored to be a part of it and to meet with all of you and to s
. [ gear shifts ] mexico, here we come. [ sirens wailing ] >>> a mere disaster on san francisco bay when this oil tanker sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. the big question tonight how did it happen. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. close call on the san francisco bay but was it human error or something else. officials are trying to determine how a tanker hit a tower on the san francisco bridge. the coast guard reports no oil spill resulted. we've learned the tanker had already been unloaded. and caltrans says there was no major damage to the bridge. it remained open to travel traffic. we have continuing coverage now from heather holmes. she's live at treasure island with what she's learned about the bar pilot guiding that tanker and the scrutiny he's now facing. >> reporter: he's been a bar pilot since 2005. prior to that he worked for several years on oil tankers for exxon. but today while guiding that vessel. the overseas raymar this experienced mainer sideswiped the tower of the bridge. look at the top left side of this picture. that is a piece
a san francisco home that could possibly generate leads in a decades old missing person's case. >>> we are following develops news. a six-year-old boy is being held hostage after a deadly shooting on a school bus. >>> changes coming to the golden gate bridge. >>> thank you for joining us it's wednesday, january 30th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off today. mark tamayo is in. >> we are off to a cool start. you want to bundle up for the next few hours. as my mama always said dress in layers because it will be nice this afternoon. we have temperatures starting out in the 30s and 40s. but then a little warmer into the afternoon hours as readings back up to near 60 degrees. a little bit warmer than yesterday. coming up we will take a look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and a few more changes developing just in time for your weekend. >>> we begin with a new development in the missing case of a boy that disappeared nearly 30 years ago. they searched a home in the hate ashbury neighborhood. tara moriarty reports that the home is just steps away
into the 60s. 65 in redwood city and 63 degrees in san francisco. we could have rain coming our way. let's check out the roads. >>> and still watching a couple problems on the road including this traffic alert still indicate on northbound 880 by washington. one lane is blocked. has been blocked for nearly an hour now where they had that traffic alert. so again, just minor slowing because it is a high school uh- huh day. there's not as much traffic on the roadway. -- because it is a holiday. there's not as much traffic on the roadway. and we have a power outage, on school road toward alpine road. we don't know if there's any power outages in the area. just a heads up. mass transit, b.a.r.t. on a typical holiday schedule. everything is on time. b.a.r.t. and muni ferries and ac transit buses on time. and a look at the south bay from san jose. 101 from the mckee exit, and still moving at the limit from san jose and santa clara. and here's a look at the nimitz, 880 near the oakland coliseum. and past washington, everything improves toward oakland and the
yesterday with a screening of the documentary film, bully, to 3,000 students in san francisco from san francisco's public schools. the superintendent of schools you're going to hear from in a minute, he was there, i know ter theresa sparks was there, i was so proud of san francisco in being there because the superintendent, he's, you can tell he's a teacher because he took control of that room. there was a thousand people in that room, he had them all raise their hands to quiet them down, it was beautiful. you could see the teacher in him. but i was so proud of being in san francisco because the kids -- kids are kids -- they were warned, you need to be respectful, you need to be respectful of the children that are being depicted in this film, please don't laugh at inappropriate moments, that kind of thing, and the kids were great. the kids were silent and crying when things were really tough and when things were going well for the kids depicted in the film they were cheering. it was a really, really wonderful moment. it was a wonderful way to start off this summit. i'm sure our
disaster on san francisco bay when this oil tanker sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. the big question tonight how did it happen. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. close call on the san francisco bay but was it human error or something else. officials are trying to determine how a tanker hit a tower on the san francisco bridge. the coast guard reports no oil spill resulted. we've learned the tanker had already been unloaded. and caltrans says there was no major damage to the bridge. it remained open to travel traffic. we have continuing coverage now from heather holmes. she's live at treasure island with what she's learned about the bar pilot guiding that tanker and the scrutiny he's now facing. >> reporter: he's been a bar pilot since 2005. prior to that he worked for several years on oil tankers for exxon. but today while guiding that vessel. the overseas raymar this experienced mainer sideswiped the tower of the bridge. look at the top left side of this picture. that is a piece of the bridge barrier stuck to the side of the ship's hull. >> about 30
is steps away from where kevin collins disappeared in 1984. >> reporter: san francisco police are expected to release the name and the photo of the man who used to live in this house on masonic. he is longer alive but was a person of interest in the kevin collins. he was questioned after kevin vanished. he had an allah lib by -- alabi. the medical examiner believes the remains that they did found here are that of an animal. the last person kevin collins was talking to was a tall blond man with a big dog -- big dog. the man described like that used to live here. the dogs were never used in the initial search. so that's they came back. >> i just hope there's closure for the family members. very sad story. >> reporter: neighbors we talk to say the school kevin attended st. agnes never recovered after the disappearance, closing a few years later. >> right after that, st. agnes started to pull some of their children out of the school. >> it's concerning. >> reporter: this morning, neighbors are really just amazed that this case has resurfaced. kevin's mother says she feels numb and doesn't know
through that today as much as 9 degrees above average in santa rosa, 63 in san francisco and 66 degrees and sunny in san jose. more on your weather coming up. right now let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> we have been following a big rig accidents for three hours northbound 101 coming into sunnyvale. traffic, if chopper 5 can zoom back, is stacked up into santa clara. the backups continue to grow. two lanes are blocked, blocked since about 2:50 a.m. that's when that accident first was reported. the problem is, there was some damage to the guardrail. 30 gallons of fuel spilled right there approaching that fair oaks avenue exit. wood debris all over. so there's a lot of clean-up going on. no major injuries but again that is what it looks like if you are behind this mess on 101 so don't get caught in this. use 280 free and clear right now. highway 85. also caltrain another great option and so far everything is rolling along all trains on time. let get a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. this is just your usual pa
left hand lane moving into san francisco. in san jose the debris is in southbound 280 with a truck losing the load causing flat tires and the truck is leading a fluid, and c.h.p. will do a traffic break to get that cloned -- cleaned up. the longer that is there the more delays you will see. bart and muni are on time and a train number one is ten minutes behind out of pleasanton. >> developing news in the senator of a home for the remains of kevin collins the ten-year-old boy who was kidnapped 29 years ago in san francisco. abc7 broke the story of the search on abc7 at 4:00 yesterday. bones were discovered borrowried beneath a basement floor of a home. it is likely they are from an an an -- from an animal but final testing has to be done. amy will have a live report with more in 30 minutes on that story. >> testing is underway for the golden gate bridge new electronic toll system. our news reporter cornell bernard joins us with what to expect drivers out there. cornell? >> eric, starting today there is in such thing as toll evadeers on the golden gate bridge, everyone from now on is
from san francisco. we met her last week before she caught a flight to washington, d.c.. we'll check in with her as she got on her float for the parade. >> i'm mark matthews abc 7 news. >> okay, audio, now. we're are sure what the inauguration sounded like for tens of thousands of today. >> the jumbo tron kept cutting out, audio feed was worse making most of the event unintelligible to everyone watching there. similar to what we just had. we just did a simulation of that. some people booed because they only heard every other word of the speech. >> we have more coverage in our 4:30 half hour, some residents got up early to watch the event. also, the fashion and what were michelle, sasha and malia wearing today, and a winery celebrating with a special toast. >> president obama paid tribute to the man birthday we're celebrating today. and they paused before this bust of the civil rights leader. the president said this was the first time he'd noticed the king bust among artifacts there and said it was a privilege to use the bible of the civil rights leader in his swearing in ceremony. >>
dreams is now deliciously real. >>> we are live in san francisco where investigators dig up a basement in a home looking for clues in the case of a missing boy. we will tell you why they focused on a home in the hate ashbury district. >>> alarming wake up call. what was found on the front door of a south bay home hours ago. >>> see those folks there? see what they are doing? they are taking tolls. that will not happen much longer. those days are coming to an end. we'll tell you what will happen instead. >>> plus what the mayor of san francisco plans to do on super bowl sunday. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning january 30th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. mark tamayo is in for steve. >> you just said january 30th. already one month is almost down. we could be tracking the storms this time of year but not for today. the dry weather pattern will continue over the next few days. this morning you definitely want to bundle up. mid 30s and 40s. there is the eventual temperature range. coming up we will take a l
. >> this morning the search is on for a man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco. the victim's family says dexter oliver threw burning gasoline into his girlfriend's face before taking off. right now that woman is clinging to life at the burn unit at st. francis hospital. that is where "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live with a look at what led up to this horrifying attack. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is a horrible story that 25-year-old woman is in the hospital this morning. she has severe burns to her face and chest. her boyfriend is accused of being the one that set her on fire and san francisco police are asking for the public's help in finding him. he's 22-year-old dexter oliver. witnesses say yesterday in the bay view district they watched in horror as 25-year-old was set on fire. her family was among the witnesses. they say that the pair had been dated for six months and had a rocky relationship. they had returned from the laundromat when she told him the relationship was finished. >> she left the rand row mat and ten mi
first year in the san francisco he was great with making 44 of the 52 field goals. so far, not as much and gary radnich will have more coming up with a possible replacement for david acres. that is coming up. >> catherine: he's arguably the most vocal member of the san francisco giants. now - sergio romo is being accused of being a little 'too' vocal with airport security workers in las vegas. the relief pitcher is in trouble after an outburst in the security line. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us with more. >> reporter: catherine, you and i both know that sergio romo is one of the most colorful players on the san francisco giants. during the world series parade he wore a shirt that said, i just look illegal, an image that went viral. las vegas police say on new year's day between 8:30 and 9 there was an outburst between a tsa agent and romo. tsa officials tell me romo was unable to provide identification required of travelers. this is a picture posted on new year's eve showing sergio romo at a nightclub in vegas called haze. in the photo you'll see that he's alo
a live look from our roof camera looking at downtown san francisco. the building is live up in gold and red. i presume in honor of the 49ers as they move closer to the superbowl. we will have more coverage on that. first let us give update on weather and traffic. good morning erica. >> good morning james a lot of people will be excited about the forecast. temperatures in the south bay near seven degrees.70 degre >> clear conditions in mild weather as we head into the evening hours. >> richmond at 45. upper '30's in napa. into the afternoon looking at upper 60s. napa at 67. santa rosa at 67 also. 66 for san jose and fremont. 63 in san mateo. >> satellite and radar picture shows clear conditions of the bay area. no rain clouds to talk about. the storm track is being guided well to our north. you can thank the offshore winds for keeping temperatures on the warmer side into the afternoon. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights just that. >> similar conditions as we head into friday. amex of clouds for saturday and sunday. not much change starting to work week. tuesday n
after receiving a tip. he has been booked on attempted murder and arson charges in san francisco. lamar has severe burns to her face but is expected to survive. >>> good evening, i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm in for dan ashley. >>> an investigate is underway why a taverner ship crashed into the bay bridge. right now the ship is moored in the bay. and u cosco busan which hit the bridge no, oil spoiled today. we're on treasure island with more. reporter: tourists coming to treasure island tonight are snapping pictures of san francisco and also snapping pictures of this, the over overa's raymar, it's all lit up as investigators try to find out why it happen. environmentalist believe no royal was spilled. >> we are looking at this as a close call and to learn lessons from. >> deb, on a tour of the bay, took these pictures and knows an oil spill disaster was averted. >> this time of year the currents are moving really fast and a lot of damage can happen as soon as oil is on the water. >> sky 7hd was over the 751-foot oil tanker overseas raymar, minutes after the vessel side-swiped a tower of t
on attempted murder and arson charges in san francisco. lamar has severe burns to her face but is expected to survive. >>> good evening, i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm in for dan ashley. >>> an investigate is underway why a taverner ship crashed into the bay bridge. right now the ship is moored in the bay. and unlike the cosco busan which hit the bridge no, oil spoiled today. we're on treasure island with more. reporter: tourists coming to treasure island tonight are snapping pictures of san francisco and also snapping pictures of this, the over overa's raymar, it's all lit up as investigators try to find out why it happen. environmentalist believe no royal was spilled. >> we are looking at this as a close call and to learn lessons from. >> deb, on a tour of the bay, took these pictures and knows an oil spill disaster was averted. >> this time of year the currents are moving really fast and a lot of damage can happen as soon as oil is on the water. >> sky 7hd was over the 751-foot oil tanker overseas raymar, minutes after the vessel side-swiped a tower of the bay bridge, damaging the hull. in
" that remains anchored in san francisco bay. this is a live picture there, you can see it is lit up and, again, there will be boarding this morning, so that crews can continue to investigate. overhead, coast guard investigators were on before the tanker and they interviewed the bar pilot, guy kleess at the helm of where the accident occurred and he has passed an alcohol test, the results of a drug test yet pending. more on the investigation in 30 minutes. >> we have been tweeting about this since the story broke. you can keep up by following abc7 news bay area open twitter and more at including a slide show with pictures of the damage. >> a peninsula community is mobilizing to prepare for a possible flood along the creek because major damage in a storm last month. amy hollyfield is live in pal alto. what are they doing? >> they will give the creek a new look a sand bag necklace. it is quiet now. the crews know it has risen to the fence here. they are worried. they have 4,000 sandbags ready to go. it took a day just to fill them all but they are ready. today, the crews will line th
over my shoulder are the lowest temperatures so far this winter. san jose down to 31. san francisco 36. find out when we likely will be even colder than that. coming up. >>> and it happens all the time. you wait around forever only to get stood up by the cable guy. how you can get paid if they don't show up. well, well well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. green light. cbs reporter len ramirez is in san jose where businesses are in favor of the one- ye >>> the san jose city council is considering giving curbside cafes the green light. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez in san jose where businesses are in favor of the one year pilot program. >> in this space here we only lo
than these numbers. san francisco flirting with 32 degrees before the end of the week. details on how warm we'll get in the afternoon, or not, that's coming up in a few minutes. >>> thank you. a familiar flash between wildlife and the urban world. the bay area neighborhood that has the coyote problem. >> nobody came, nobody bothered to call me. >> every homeowner's pet peeve. waiting for the workman that never shows. how you can make them pay for your inconvenience. >> those sweet drinks even the diet ones come with a cost. it's more than calories. how you could be risking your mental health with every sip. sighted in residential neighborhoods... ken bastida >>> it's not something you usually hear about in urban areas. coyotes sighted in residential neighborhoods. ken bastida is with mobile5 in san francisco's twin peaks area, where people are seeing plenty. hey, ken. >> reporter: yeah, hi, elizabeth. yeah, twin peaks, glen park, mount sutro, golden gate park, coyotes. they have been spotted all over san francisco. and it's is it not as un
with wires sticking out of it. san francisco police then cordoned off the caltrain station at 4th and king streets as a precaution. the bomb squad inspected the item and determined that it was harmless. no one was hurt. the train was scheduled to head back out. the passengers waiting to board were bussed to another station for a new outbound train. >>> 7:06. let's go right back to sal. we have that mess in the south bay because of the big rig crash but you are watching everywhere else as well. >> that's right. we're gonna start at northbound 101 at fair oaks. the chp told janine they are just about to open the lanes here on the 101 but the backup is almost to the san jose airport. i would suggest 280 for a short route. again, good news, they are just about to reopen it. we've been on this story since we went on the air at 4:30. let's take a look at some live pictures. i want to show you 880 here in oakland. that looks pretty good driving past the coliseum. getting to downtown oakland. to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic busy. but not all that bad. it's about a 20-minute dela
camera looking back at san francisco. >> good morning everyone i am anny hong. >> and i am james fletcher. >> we do have a dense fog advisory in effect according to the national weather service that will be the case until 9:00 a.m. this morning. we still will contend with all the conditions in to the afternoon it will start to clear up. we will see sunny warmer conditions. temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s. >> later tonight it will be cooler we will see in increase in cloud cover. temperatures will drop to the 44 your inland spots. low 50s crime the heart of the bay area. >> expect reduced visibility for the entire bay. the east bay shoreline, the santa clara valley including san jose. >> visibility could be down to a quarter of a mile or less. use your head like but not your high beams. >> here is a look at your visibility chart. down to a mile in napa. zero in navato and fairfield. 3 tenths of a mile and concord. one half mile in livermore. in to the afternoon however, he would not remember it you will see the sunshine and temperatures warmer than yesterday. we are on a seasonally w
to figure out what happened on san francisco bay. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is on treasure island with some new information about the man in control of the ship that hit the bay bridge yesterday morning. >> reporter: good morning. that pilot is in the hot seat today as that tanker you can see behind me is staying put as the coast guard continues its investigation. this morning that pilot will be face to face with investigators pending the results of a drug test. that tanker was on the way to sea when did hit a fender at the bridge around 6:30 yesterday afternoon. visibility as a quarter mile with fog. no signs of a spill, everybody was safe. caltrans engineers responded but found no significant damage to the bay bridge. >> this is just a scrape to the bridge. >> reporter: the fender acted like a bumper and caltrans says they will replace 40 feet of it but the question is, how did this happen in the first place? coast guard will be meeting with the pilot in a few hours. the "san jose mercury news" identifies him as guy kleess of san francisco.
. >> reporter: state records show that he ran aground in san francisco in 2007 and in 2010 again. he passed an alcohol test, drug tests are still spending. reporting live on treasure island, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> all right. thank you very much. >>> let's check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. we're not teasing when you say possible 70s today. >> we're going to get close to it. we like to round up. i speak from the high end of the glass always full in my world. 39 in gilroy. 42 in sunnyvale. changes are just around the corner which is why i highly urge you to embrace the day. when temperatures are going to be mild. by tomorrow we drop off into low 50s. we bring in rain. very light. it will get cold around here. enjoy while it lasts. the one thing we have to deal with this morning is thick fog. that's starting to dense up in places like livermore down to three-quarters of a mile of visibility. a quarter of a mile from santa rosa through napa and down south to concord. in fairfield, you have pockets where you can see for hundreds of feet. my message to you
in the bay area now, 6:09, san francisco police are taking a new look at a cold case that involved a child who disappeared nearly 30 years ago. the renewed search sent officers to the haight-ashbury neighborhood. they are searching around a house on masonic avenue near page street there. and cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is on the scene with what neighbors remember about the time kevin collins went missing. >> reporter: good morning. there were some bones found in the duplex behind me. they are animal bones but further analysis is necessary. 10-year-old kevin collins was seen a block from here on the way home from school in 1984. witnesses say he was pushed into a car with two teenagers. police aren't saying why they have renewed their search for kevin but we do know cadaver dogs found bones under the concrete floor of the garage in the duplex. police say a man who lived in the house at the time matched the description of a man seen talking to kevin. that person has since died. but we spoke to a neighbor who knew the two men who lived here back in '84. >
violated. >>> a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco is now under arrest this morning. we are told 22-year-old dexter oliver will be charged with attempted murder and arson for sunday's attack in the bayview at a laundromat. police arrested him at an oakland hotel. the victim 25-year-old star lamar still hospitalized with life-threatening burns. >>> a basically accused of hitting -- bicyclist accused of hitting and killing someone is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter for last april's accident. today's court appearance is set for a preliminary hearing. >>> the man charged with killing two people in san francisco on new year's day goes to court this morning. 19-year-old david morales is facing two counts of murder and a number o other charges arrested after a shooting and crash that left two people dead on south van ness avenue. his bail is $10 million. >>> dna technology has promised and arrest in a -- prompted an arrest in a 1985 mountain view murder. the body of 21-year-old saba germai was found on north shore
with no incidents reported in the 7 years he has been a pilot here in san francisco bay area. the bar pilot's association said he did pass his alcohol test but drug tests are pending. >> what mr. happen to the tanker? >> reporter: it remains anchored off treasure island tonight. tomorrow the coast guard will continue its investigation and do more inspections of the hull to make sure it is sea worthy and not leaking any oil before it is allowed back out to sea. >>> diners in liver more didn't realize the meal they were eating could have been their last. a cadillac escalade, went crashing right through the restaurant, after the driver mistook the gas for the brake he plowed right through the glass into the dining room injuring four people. jim had just finished his la san. >> we were sitting -- lasagne. >> we were sitting having lunch about there, and all of a sudden, this explosion happened, this cadillac escalade, flew through the restaurant 20 miles an hour. >> the worst injury was a broken leg and the structure itself was not damaged. >>> san carlos airport is back open after a small plan
ordered to stay put for now. it's not known if they will be relocated to a hotel in san francisco. the investigation to determine if the bar pilot is to blame for this collision could take months. that may mean the overseas reymar crew is in the same predictament as the six men who were onboard cosco busan. federal investigators will be out here tomorrow investigating to damage. this investigation will continue tomorrow. reporting live, reggie kumar, kron 4. >> pam: tonight, we have new details regarding the search for human bones going on in the central valley. a case linked to the speed freak killers. death row inmate wesley shermantine previously gave authorities locations of abandoned wells. where they would find human remains. last year, more than a thousand bone fragments were recovered in a well. so far, no human bones have been found in this new dig. the work the f-b-i is doing now is more preliminary they're setting up a 40- foot work area for crews to safely work in. you can see all of the experts there on the ground. they are starting to go through that dirt. crews aren
coverage of the near disaster on the san francisco bay that we first covered on ktvu channel 2 news at noon yesterday. this morning, the u.s. coast guard will meet with the pilot of the oil tanker that sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live with new details about this bar pilot's past. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. a coast guard spokesperson tells me there will be an update on this investigation coming after the team is briefed at 8:00 this morning. we do know that investigators will be sitting down later today and talking with the pilot at the controls of this 750-foot oil tanker when it struck one of the bay bridge towers. he's identified as george close with eight years experience. he did pass an alcohol test yesterday and the results of a drug test may come back today. yesterday's accident yesterday after the vessel was heading back to sea. there was heavy fog in the area at the time. that cut visibility on the bay to just about a quarter mile. this double-hauled vessel struck the wood and barrier that sports the bridge on the western sp
is under investigation. >> also new this morning, san francisco police now investigating an overnight shooting and stabbing in a neighborhood. the stabbing happened before 3:15 this morning on connecticut street. the victim was stabbed in the chest but is expected to survive. nobody so far is under arrest. almost two hours earlier police responded to a shooting down the street near connecticut and 25th. the victim was shot in the foot. he's now in the hospital. he is expected to survive. so far no suspects have been arrested. >> 6:04. maritime officials want regulations for ships moving through the bay after an oil tanker collided with the bridge in thinking fog. the ship is anchored in the bay this morning. the safety committee has rules to prevent ships from moving in nine critical maneuvering areas if visibility is less than a half mile. the bay bridge isn't considered a critical area. that may change. we have learned the coast guard sent a warning to the pilot just before the collision. experts say there may have been confusion between the pilot and the foreign ship's crew. there
in san francisco today. >>> complete bay area news coverage. this is "mornings on 2". >>> good morning, welcome to "mornings on 2". it is sunday, january 6th. i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> we will check in with rosemary to see if the rain is gone. >>> not yet and dealing with spotty showers across the peninsula from san mateo and loss ooh ltos and palo alto, a few sprinkles there. and we have san jose dealing with light rain and off to the east where we have fremont and areas near hayward and showers in the forecast. we will have weather improving for sunday afternoon, what to expect, coming up. >>> streets are shut down in san jose. it happened four hours ago on south first, margaret streets. alex savage is joining us from the scene where they are still investigating the accident. >> reporter: a sergeant with the investigations unit with the san jose police department told me his team will try to figure out if weather was a factor in the deadly crash. it is still raining a little bit now. this is a single car accident that happened on the front street and the 280 overpas
county into san francisco. >> the alameda county coroner has identified a man was run over and killed on 880 in oakland over the weekend. chp says 44 year- old david mayorga crossed his craft his honda civic into the center divider near high street last night and then attempted to run across four lanes of traffic. he was struck by two cars and killed. the crash brought crafted for several hours at the initial crash remains under investigation. >> the man accused of murdering seven people at tokyo's university will be back in court today for a mental competency hearing. one goh hasn't charged with murder and also faces attempted murder charges. this is video of his court hearing in april. he is accused of light on a shooting rampage at tokyo's university in april of last year. administrators say he was upset about the tool is in dispute allegedly confessed to being a shooter. >> a san jose family is lucky to be alive this morning after theirire. the fire happened on the 2500 block of list drive around 630 last night. of the resale a cadet was inside the home of the time was able to esc
. >>> new details about the close call yesterday on the san francisco bay this morning the coast guard will meet with the bar pilot with the oil tanker that sideswiped the bay bridge. live with new information about the bar pilot and about what handed out there, alex? >> good morning, i just spoke with a representative, later today their investigators will be sitting down and conducting an interview with the bar pilot after being involved in this collision and they are still trying to zero in on a collision. this is the ship. the overseas ray march. the 750-foot oil tanker sideswiped the bay bridge and ktvu channel 2 news learned that the pilot passed an alcohol test and results of a drug test will be later today. george has eight years of experience and yesterday's accident happened at 11:00 a.m. at a time when there was heavy fog and it cut visibility on the bay for just about a quarter of a mile : it struck the western span and caltrans reported no damage to the structure and no oil was spilled as a result of the crash. it just unloaded 350,000 barrels of crude oil and was headed ba
for a super bowl bash as natalie and i try to answer the big question, who has got it better, san francisco or baltimore? really? is that really a question? no. 49eres fans. co come celebrate with me. the party starts tomorrow on "today in the bay" beginning at 4:30 a.m. and all morning long on the "today" show. go niners! >> that a boy. >> that's my man. >> you can join us all morning long with al. if you can't wait until then, you can always check out our 49ers coverage online. head over to less than ten minutes we'll go live to san francisco as we bring you this live picture right now. that is a look at a new tribute the 49ers will unveil this morning. another one coming up. pretty cool. bleeding the gold right there. >> talented artists on the wall this morning. mind blowing the talent they have. >> gold blooded. i like it. christina loren is here to tell us as the day progresses we'll feel like we're treated to gold from mother nature. >> we are. good times just keep on rolling. start with this live picture of sfo just to show you we're always monitoring your flight con
. there is word that a san francisco review board for the scouts unanimously approved ryan's promotion. his parents call it a huge victory, but the national organization is still denying the application. >> governor brown is opening up about the bout with prostate cancer, sharing a light moment with reporters. >> i'm ready and rearing to go and don't expect me to lead. >> the uber energetic 74 year eld said he is done with radiation and working a full schedule and plans to deliver his state of the state address as planned january 24th. >> don't under estimate the power of an emoticon. it may be a footnote for some, but for others it opens up a new world. that world is centered in menlo park at facebook. here's stephanie trung. >> communication connects us all, but the definition of the work depends on who you ask. 34-year-old christina sounds like everyone else, but she struggles with communication all her life. >> i was born with a hearing loss. i can't hear anything. >> the spebl education teacher wears a hearing aid, but it wasn't enough to cancel out feelings of being left out. >> you o
they swam from treasure island to san francisco in just over an hour. you conquered your fears now? >> it felt great. all the stuff on land that i still have to worry about. >> reporter: like the hundred or so people who jammed in to hear him read and sign his work. he side he suffers more anxiety from social situations like this. seems fear has a lot of company and he hopes that translates into book sales. in san francisco, linda yee. >> speaking of cold, these are the coldest temperatures we've had so far this winter. likely beating these temperatures over the next couple of days. live look outside. your forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks, paul. >>> we've been talking about how it's been pretty chilly. but it's going to get colder. >> we'll go from chilly to chillier over the next couple days. he's the 6-10 day outlook here. all signs are saying we have a bullseye on the western half of the country for cold air. including the bay area. likely through mid january we're trending colder. tonight, chilly but not that cold yet. oakland mid40s. radar is clear. we're talking about
was slammed into the bay bridge remains in san francisco bay. coming up in a live report i will have and. >> following the latest on the death of 19 year-old alyssa byrne who went missing in lake tahoe. >> and police have arrested the man accused of setting a woman on fire in san francisco's bayview district, we will have more on that. >> the east shore freeway interstate 80 westbound an accident with emergency vehicles on the same period to lanes blocked and debris strewn across all the lanes. it is backed up traffic almost to highway four. the drive time is 18 minutes for interstate 80 westbound. also in the east bay for contra costa and dense fog advisory for antioch and that spurred on highway 4. >> there is an east bay fog the advisory in effect right now until 9:00 this morning. here's a live look at the toll plaza here for the venetian bridge. jackie sissel is out there monitoring conditions this morning. >> i am only a few yards away from the toll plaza and you cannot even make out the very far and of the toll plaza. that is out that the fog is out here. even thicker at different
minor. >> the board of pilot commissions san francisco, a san paulo. he calls this incident to minor. >> this was a very narrow venue. there will be new regulations in the works to regulate pilots. >> there will be physical and agility tests carried out with a medical review regimen. >> reporter: these recommendations are from the recent crashes and a hopeful that these regulations will be enacted some time this year. dan kerman, kron 4. >> the director of the simulation program at the california maritime academy used their state of the art bridges simulator to give us an idea of what it is like to navigate cargo ships through the day and dense fog. >> this is what we creek consider 10-mile visibility with the little bit of peace. >> this simulation is able to recreate a similar incident and put people through that. this is what happened and what would you do. >> a little bit of--haiti and te officer and the quartermaster, will be on the scene. as i am going to be talking with the captain, the bridge kept in, and making a team decision on weather or not we will continue. and the brid
ahora continuamos con ma sinfor . >>> información . >>> agentes de la policía de san francisco , detuvieron al novio , sospechoso de incendiar a su pareja . >>> la víctima està en condicion critica en el hospital con quemaduras graves , causando sólo daños menores el barco se dirigia a mar abierto cuando golpeo la base de la torre , es la arteria principal la guardia costera informó que no se derramo petróleo ya que no llevaba carga de hidrocarburos , una camioneta que había sido robada terminó incrustada en un negocio , lo dejaron encendido de acuerdo a las autoridades , los ladrones bebieron cerveza pero una de las llantas revento y se impacto a una barrera para estrellarse en un local , la tienda , no estoy seguro que pasó la área es muy calmada tras el accidente , 3 hombres fueron vistos la policía , cree que registro cuantiosos daños , tuvieron que permanecer encerrados por 2 horas mientras la policía buscaba , sospechosos de robarse un auto , y la avenida , una zona cercana oficiales , detuvieron a un sujeto . >>> investigan la muerte de lisa la hjoven de 19
going nuts. >> reporter: there is concern that a 49er win could bring more trouble to san francisco city streets. >> we want people to celebrate responsibly. >> reporter: the police will have at least 100 extra officers on the streets sunday night many in the mission. >> basically, our strategy is going to be to monitor the areas where we tend to see people congregate to celebrate. >> reporter: to minimize fuel for street fires, trash collectors will be emptying dumpsters before the game ends so there's less temptation for arson. muni will be pulling its electric buses from some streets the ones connected to the lines, using diesel buses instead so they can reroute them if trouble occurs. the bartender is looking forward to the party at the irish pub and hopes the police plan works. >> be on top of it. i'll be doing mine. i'll be serving water for whoever doesn't need another beer. i just hope they're out there doing theirs. >> reporter: you may have heard last week the mayor suggested to some businesses, to some bars, that they limit the sales
of heavier rain tomorrow. dry from sacramento to san francisco southward into l.a. enjoy that. have a completely dry day again. so paying the price. it looks like as we head towards the end of this week colder air comes in, maybe a chance of snow in some of the areas like maybe near seattle. >> let's talk football weather. >> football weather. >> in florida? >> fine. no problems. >> no forecast? >> alabama is tough. >> yeah. tough to go up against them. >> no matter how much you raise your fist. thanks. >>> a big foreclosure deal a google executive heads to north korea and job stress. everybody has it but which job has the most? britain's prince charles opens up about royal fatherhood, and his future grandchildren. his future grandchildren. >>> welcome back. syrian president bashir al assad has rejected international calls to step down. he says he'll continue his fight against rebel forces. he also prosed what he called a new peace plan that the u.s. state department said was detached from reality. >>> in a new interview britain's prince charles discussed the responsibility he feels
of foreign species reeking havoc. the san francisco bay is the most invaded estuary anywhere in the country. the green crab decimated fisheries and altered the local environment here. >> reporter: in the mississippi river, asian carp wipe out native fish. in the great lakes, zebra mussels are the problem. today, the challenge, contain invasive species before they get out of control. >> this problem is extremely serious and can cause environmental harm, economic harm, and harm even to human health. we're talking about over $100 billion worth of damage to the u.s. economy every year. >> reporter: for now, it's unclear what, if any damage, will occur in the pacific northwest. but tonight the experts don't like what they see. miguel almaguer, nbc news, san francisco. >>> when we come back, a big birthday for the first lady, though not the big one. and she celebrates with a new look. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> american airlines known by that instantly recognizable aa logo for so many years is tonig
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